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The topic relating to energy and environmental protection is a wildly debated one and farmers, who invest in this product, will not only achieve a higher efficiency, they will also be showing a much needed environmental consciousness.


The technology of biogas plants contributes to the reduction of the C02 emission and also provides a national energy supply and is therefore of great importance for future generations.

Everything from one source

Our range of services for the establishment of efficient biogas plants includes the planning, development, construction and the servicing of biogas plants with many individual solutions.

These include

  • the maintenance prescribed by the CHP Intervals of the manufactured components
  • the installation and the retrofitting of individual components
  • technical implementation
  • optimization of the construction for gas, water, heat and substrate lines
  • the establishment of command and control systems
  • the construction and technical support of the heating networks.




Do you know?

1 ha mais supply more O2 than 1 ha forest and 1 ha healthy forest need the twin time.

1 ha mais recycelt the CO2 of 60.000 km car drive.

with 1 ha mais you can produce 15.000 kg milk, 2.000 kg bull meat or 3.000 kg pig meat.

1 ha mais supply ca 9000 m³ biogas. This is the consumption of heat and power for five households.

  • Baustelle
  • Bad Langensalza


We customize the requirements of our customers and we construct the biogas plants (Dry or wet fermentation), to drive CHP and in order to produce electricity.

Types of diverse possibilites for Investors

We also build systems for biomethane injection of the treated gas into the public gas grid.

For investors we offer a safe solid investment in environmental protection and future-technology.

Advances in technology

Future technical developments not only allow for electricity production, the use of the waste heat from the CHP  also provides the plant operator with an additional source of revenue.

Further development

For existing biogas plants, we also offer the adoption of the ongoing maintenance and service and repair work.

We like to draw on the concepts facility improvement of our Partner companies, which are highly specialised in their sections. .


Interest in the use of renewable raw materials for energy continues to grow and biogas plants are playing an ever increasing and important role.


We thrive in creating a healthy customer orientation and search for solutions for all individual 

Flexibility determines reliability.