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For existing biogas plants we also offer the adoption of the ongoing maintenance and service and repairs.


We are using the most innovating and highly improved conceptions based on experiences of our partner companies for facility optimization.

Service Overview

  • Conceptual Planning of biogas plants
  • Cost calculations and profit returns
  • Supervision of the authorization process together with reliable partners such as, lawyers, planners, engineers and surveyors who support the commissioning of each plant
  • Controlling and optimizing the biological process
  • Coordination of maintenance, and repairs
  • Current accounting and controlling
  • Monthly reports and financial statements to investors

During the processing of agricultural products are various residues, which are suitable for biogas production.

Examples of these are
: Press marc (residues), grains (Maltbacklogs leached from the beer production), dregs (residues), pulp (residues
 of starch from potatoes) and other residues.


The gas yields per ton of fresh material at the different waste materials are 
very different, depending on the dry matter content.

These waste materials
 do not count as renewable resources for the purposes of the EEG. they
may be used in biogas plants, the renewable
Ferment raw materials to produce electricity without the bonus of Nawaro 
compromising the entire system.


Different types of organic wastes such as food scraps, stomach and 
Rumen contents of pigs and cattle, from grease residues of commercial kitchens, restaurants and bio-energy crops are not allowed in facilities
be used.

For our clients we are daily focussed on revenue maximization.


Optimal utilization of all possible bonuses under the current circumstances of the EEG, minimal downtime and maximum engine run times and reduction of maintenance expenses are identified as key words here.

Our experience is our strength. We care for individual requirements and interests of our customers. We design a quite new concept with our customer’s ideas and stay in contact later on. We are flexible, long-term, profit-directed.