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NAWARO Bad Langensalza GmbH

The biogas plant in Zimmern is built on the area of a dairy cattle plant, where the input materials dung and manure arise right next to the biogas plant. The generated heat is used by in the existing building, workshop, office and social building of the dairy farm and a neighbour farm.


The thermal power and pipeline system have been implemented through the TW biogas team. The plant was built in that way that a future use of other substances is ensured. The existing storage of fermentation waste was included and involved in the planning of the biogas plant. This facility is located in a drinking water zone, so that special legally requirements had to be considered.


The electrical output of the plant is 600 kW, the thermal performance is at about 570 KW.


The already existing menure slurry tank on that terrain was renovated and used as space for the substrates of fermentation residues in the cases of emergencies. The whole system is in a collecting tank, that even in emergency situations no water contaminating substances penetrate into the soil. With the current supply from a 600-kilowatt engine electricity comes into about 1.100 households.


In the Nawaro plant additionally corn, beets and green rye are used. The required input materials for the plant come from the local farmer. The maintenance and service at the biogas plant and the CHP will also be performed by TW Bigogas Bau und Service GmbH.