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NAWARO Damsdorf GmbH und Co. KG

The biogas plant in Damsdorf was built in 2007.


The plant has an electrical capacity of 2 x 537 KW and a thermal output of about 2 x 500 KW.


2011 a satellite block heating and power plant (CHP) was retrofitted with a capacity of 800 kW (electric) and about 780 kW (thermal).


TW Biogas and Service GmbH has optimized by remodeling the facility and then started in addition the CHP.


A secondary fermenter was fitted with a heater and now serves as a fermenter for the satellite-CHP.


New pipes were installed and an additional residue storage was built with a volume of approx 8000 m3. The waste heat is well used by annexing approximately 35 houses, the school located on the site and a files storage, the company's own buildings, such as milking parlor, office buildings and warehouses.


The input materials such as corn, rye and green manure are grown on this area and delivered from the agricultural holding Damsdorf Wessels GbR. The substrates are grown within a radius of about 5 km.


The fermentation residue comes to the land again as an important and high-quality organic fertilizer. The farm grows additional crops that can be taken for the production of renewable energy use in our region, such as turnips.