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Nawaro Götz GmbH

The biogas plant was planned by TW Biogas Betreuungs GmbH and co-directed with TW Bau und Service GmbH and has been completed in 2010. The plant is now in the care of daily operations of both companies.


In this plant corn, feed grains, rye and green manure are used to produce biogas. These input materials come from a max. distance of about 8 km at the local farmers. The entire silage areas are located in the vicinity of agricultural farmland. The silage is delivered daily to the biogas plant in order to avoid increased traffic. The fermentation residue is available to farmers as a high-value fertilizer.


The biogas plant has an electrical output of 800 kW and a thermal output of about 780 KW. The electricity produced by a gas engine power is fed into the public grid. Thus about 1700 homes can be supplied with electricity out of renewable energy sources. At this location staff training is held.


The plant was built on the advanced standard of technology from May 2010 to December 2010. At Christmas 2010 the electricity was initiated. The location of the biogas plant in Götz was chosen with intention in the industrial area of the community in order to use the produced heat meaningful.


The total heat of the 800 KW engine is supplied to the local Center for Trade of the Chamber of Crafts, Potsdam. Thus, all training rooms and workshops are heated and supplied with hot water.