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Jasmunder Biogas GmbH & Co. KG (Sagard-Rügen)

This biogas plant will have 825 kW electrical power and 800 KW of thermal power.


In this plant a production of 1.400 m3 raw biogas will be generated. Through the Energy EWE AG, a gas treatment plant will be built in which the raw biogas is converted into natural gas quality can be injected into the public gas supply.


At this location, three fermentation tanks with 4.200 m3 gross volume and three residue tanks with a size of 6.500 m3 will be built. The collecting tanks have a gross volume of 300 m3.


For this project an extra separation system will be developed. The existing silos are being renovated and one silo system has to be demolished and rebuilt.


A special challenge in this project is to involve an existing co-fermentation biogas system at this site.